15 Small Business Strategy Tips on Facebook


How to Optimize Your Business on Facebook

1. Create a detailed profile and keep it updated. Here is a list of things to include:

  • photos
  • education/employment history
  • philosophy
  • arts and books
  • featured people*
  • sports
  • activities and above all interests
  • updated contact info (including websites)

2. Import contacts from you email accounts, Yahoo, AOL, Gmail and Microsoft Outlook.

3.* Create lists by geographic location, topic, or by type of category. Under the redesign, some friend lists can be made public. People on a particular list will get a notification if that list is added to the “Featured People” section of a user’s profile. Warning: be careful how you title the lists and who you add to them, according to Facebook tracking site Inside Facebook.

4.” Like” pages and leave a legitimate and meaningful comment. Once friends are broken down into groups, users can click on their “Most Recent” news feed and select lists from a drop-down menu in order to interact with each group individually.

5. Share the 3 P’s (personality, passion, profession). Remember what facebook is all about. It is people getting together to have a conversation over coffee. Keep that in mind when you are making your comments. Facebook focuses on people “who said that”? Google focuses on what and where, “Where can I find the answers to help me fix, avoid or accomplish it?”

6. Share photos and video
. There is power in video and videos definitely stand out in the news feed.

7. Create a simple yet detailed Facebook page. A page should include photos and basic information, a biography and/or mission statement and useful content based on your target audience or community. Facebook only allows only one account. However, you can have as many Pages as you want. Pages are viewable online and are search engine optimized so that even individual posts can appear on Google. In other words, fan pages are indexed and ranked by Google just like your blog pages.

8. Promote your page. Once more than 25 people “Like” your page you can create a distinctive “vanity URL” (such as facebook.com/username). A vanity URL (uniform resource locator) is much easier to use and remember than the URL assigned by Facebook, making it easier to add to marketing materials. In order to attract “Likers,” ask your friends and associates to “Like” your page. You do this by continually adding valuable, informative, creative and entertaining posts to your page so they will keep coming back.

9. Create a welcome page or a “Like” page. You will need to add the app FBML. (facebook markup language). You can then add other tabs to your page.

10. Listing exposure (via Marketplace). Facebook’s classified advertising service, powered by Oodle, allows people to find your business page.

11. Learn the art of social listing posts. This means that when posting “Give people a reason to engage with you, a call to action” . There is a certain etiquette to follow. Always refrain from posting listings in all capital letters. This is interpreted as “shouting”!

12. Create a daily engagement plan. “If you don’t manage your social media, your social media will manage you” . It is best to check on facebook in the morning. During that time, you can update your current status, share a helpful resource, send birthday wishes, make comments,   and check to see what is going on in your different discussion groups.

13. Create a Facebook Group. These groups allow Facebook users to gather over a shared interest with people they know. Groups can be public or private. The big advantage is that you can send everyone in that group emails.  It is recommended to have 100 friends before creating a group.

14. Create relevant Facebook ads. Facebook asks about 45 pieces of information when you create a profile. Though not everyone fills in every piece, that information can help you collect information to target a specific group of people.

15. Host an event. Organize a meetup around a local interest, such as any holiday or seasonal event and post it on Facebook.

Mind Strategies For Business

A question that arises quite often in seminars is “what is the first thing I should address in my business”? There could be a number of factors dependent upon where your business is currently and where you want to take it. That is another subject for another day because until you truly know where your business is positioned it is very difficult to draw a map of where it is you wish to go.

My number one answer or question is always “where are you now”?

Not your business but you. How can you hopefully take your business to the next level if you don’t know where you are at yourself? Do you have written objectives for yourself? It’s a bit like where I mentioned having a map for your business in that you need a map for yourself because how will you know when you have arrived?


One of the real issues with creating this map of your life revolves around knowing what it is that you want. This means you have to tap into your inner reserves and providing everything lines up you will come up with the answers that best suit you now. Whether that is the same in a few years is questionable. However, for now it’s a good place to start.

A lot of people say to me, “ yes, I have written these goals down, but they have never been realised”.

Congratulations if you have been able to get this far. Even if you’ve hit a roadblock or are feeling stuck, it’s really just another small step to start making these goals a reality. Usually, there are a few things that are missing. However, the key component in both personal and small business strategies is your mindset. Having the mindset to follow through on what it was that we wanted.

How much better would our lives be if we just followed through? I’ve been there and can safely say there are some extraordinary tools available that will push us that step further in being an enormous success. This goes for all areas of your life and when you find out how close you have been you will be kicking yourself.

Being able to tap into the mind and to then create the mindset essential to making the leap, is as easy as listening to a CD. Why not treat your life to a boost and go here to find out some more.

Actually being afraid of success is another issue for another day.